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We are a brokerage service company with technology at the core of what we do to support our clients. We have a long history of implementing technology to provide a better overall service experience. This includes are our proprietary software applications that we custom build and maintain with our own team of software developers. By building and maintaining our own technology, we can be more flexible, more cost effective and creative in provide customized solutions for a clients business needs. We have not only created, developed and maintained our own Software as a Service web based technology, but we have also deployed voice stamping technology in our call center service center that provides our client with unique capabilities like telephonic enrollment. All of this allow us to provide comprehensive benefits administration for employers of all sizes and creates a platform with our services that allow partner brokers to grow their business. 

Marketing and Communications          Enrollment Management           Integrated Billing & Collection

Commissions and Licensing                  Payroll and On-boarding             Customer Service Call Center

DC Health Link Support & Services        ACA Filing                                       Dependent Verification

COBRA Administration                            Telephonic Enrollment                Total Benefit Statements

Our technology is focused on a few simple but critical principles - easy access, ease of use, integration, accuracy and efficiency. Overall we have one common theme which is to improve the overall experience for brokers, employers and employees. 


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