ERMA - Electronic Risk Management Assistant

Our risk management/quality assurance product provides our healthcare partners with cutting edge and innovative programs and services that will set them apart in their respective fields of specialty.


Nursing homes, hospitals, hospices and home health providers are mandated to have a Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement (QAPI) program that requires health care entities to systematically examine the quality of care provided. A key component of QAPI is conducting performance improvement projects (PIPs) to assess and determine how systems can be improved to result in better patient/resident outcomes. ERMA® can play a key role in your QAPI program by quantitatively identifying opportunities for improvement. It seamlessly pulls the data that is needed for effective root cause analysis and validating outcomes from performance improvement projects (PIPs).

Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance nurse evaluates and assumes the responsibility to review and monitor documentation in resident records to ensure quality of care and compliance with regulatory agencies and third-party payers. By monitoring incidents and documentation of their colleagues, they can ensure qualitative requirements are being met as specified by the facility, state or federal agency. QA nurses are often tasked with creating systems, sometimes using surveys or computer programs to audit incidents/events. With ERMA® that nurse could compile and summarize data for presentation at monthly departmental meetings and quarterly meetings as needed. Participate as appropriate in the facility Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) in collaboration with the LNHA. Also allow the participation in a problem 

identification/intervention/goals system for areas of responsibility. Utilize the information provided by ERMA® within the facility to support daily tasks and track progress in assignments. In short, ERMA® doesn’t replace but enhances!

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